Saturday, February 19, 2011

Vacation in " Egypt "..Land of magic Part 2

Today I brought to you some videos showing tours in Egypt ..
Enjoy the magnificent nature, till you will come to visit us here in Egypt.
We are waiting for you :)

I wish you enjoyed the videos..and hope you gonna be soon there to
enjoy all of that and more.

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Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Vacation in " Egypt "..Land of magic

To all the people all over the world, you are always used to say
" we love Egypt so much, we enjoyed the sun , the beaches,
  the history which we can smell every where "
And now it is the time to show that love in a practical way. It is the time to tell all
the Egyptian people that you really love Egypt, not just by words, but also by
 actions.You have the chance to prove to us your real support to the meanings of
liberty and democracy. Now we are free people, live in a free country. We just
trying to discover our way to new future for our country. We are trying to rebuild
 Egypt and every one of you can be a part of building the new future of Egypt.
We invite all the people all over the world to share us in that dream .
You can share so easy and in a way you will love it..
Come to spend your next vacation here in will Enjoy the beautiful
nature of Egypt, spending magnificent times between the Temples, Museums,
Monuments, if you prefer beaches then you sure will choose Egypt..
Sharm El-shekh, Hurgada, Taba, Dahab, Marsa Alam.....etc, or at the
North coast.. Alexandria, Marsa Matroh, Al-Alameen and many cities else 
all over the Mediterranean Sea.

We are all inviting you to enjoy your best vacations Egypt .
Now..I will let you with pictures of the beautiful nature of Egypt..enjoy it till you come.


Sunset on Pyramids

The castel

Sunset on " Nile "

Alexandria Library

Al-Montaza Palace

" Qaitbay " Castel

Red Sea

Diving at Sharm El-sheikh


water world "Red sea"


Red Sea at Hurgada

beauty of the nature " Red Sea "

Luxor " Karnak temple "

Luxor at night

Al-Der Al-Bahary Temple

Luxor Temple

Valley of Kings

Tombs of "Vally of Kings"

Part of " Karnak "

"Abu-simple" Aswan

Temple in Aswan

Nile at Aswan

"High Dam" Aswan

Front View " Abu-Simple "

 We are waiting for you to enjoy all of that and more..
Don't waste the time..It is the best choice you can take,  always remember that
" You are welcome in Egypt "

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     Group Name: ( Vacation in Egypt..Land of magic )

 Here are some videos from YouTube show you the magic of Egypt..