Saturday, November 27, 2010

Secrets Of The Pyramid

Today we gonna see pictures inside the pyramid..
and  also will see some graphic designs , which show the tunnels and the chambers inside
the great pyramid.

join me inside the pyramid..

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Part of Egyptian history

Today I thought to speak to you about the leaders of Egypt in the last 200 years.
Let's see who were those people, names and how long staied as leaders, also let's
see their pictures..

                                                          MOHAMED ALI PASHA
                                                                  ( 1805-1848)

                                                               IBRAHIM PASHA
                                                             (sep1848-nov 1848)


                                                                  ABASS HELMI (I)


                                                                 SAIID PASHA

                                                          AL-KHEDEWI ISMAIL
                                                                ( 1863-1879 )

                                                         AL-KHEDEWI TAWFIEK
                                                               ( 1879-1892 )

                                                        AL-KHEDEWI ABASS HELMI ( II )
                                                                ( 1892-1914 )


                                                               SULTAN HUSSEN KAMEL
                                                                  ( 1914-1917 )

                                                       KING FOUAD ( I )
                                                             ( 1917-1936 )

                                                          KING FAROUK ( I )
                                                              ( 1936-1952 )

                                                         KING AHMED FOUAD
                                                                  ( 1952-1953 )

                               PRESIDENT MOHAMED NAGIEB
                                                            ( 1953-1954 )

( 1954-1970 )

( 1970-1981 )


                                             PRESIDENT MOHAMED HOSSNI MUBARAK
                                                                       ( 1981- 2011 )

These are the all of the leaders of Egypt in the last 200 years, hope you
found it interesting.

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Egyptian Foods and Traditions

To know some country enough good, you must know the people of the
 country more. And to know the people more, you need to know there
habits, and life style..
you need to know the traditions of them, how they spend the times,
 what foods they eat..?

For that I decided to start make a part of my blog, speaking about foods
and traditions in Egypt. Hope you will enjoy that part and find it useful..

I thought to start with one of the most important periods in the year for
 the Egyptian,and all the Arabians..we gonna see EGYPT IN RAMADAN..
we will see the traditions of the Egyptian in that month, and how the life
 gonna be. Also we will see some of the most important foods they tend to
eat at that month...

Now let's start to see how is Egypt in Ramadan.

First we must speak alittle about Ramadan it self
 Ramadan is the special month of the muslim people, full with spiritual sides,
 people in that month fast, and they tend to make more relagious actions,
praying more, read quran more, helping each other more..
Also one of the most important traditions the people used to make at that
 period is decorating the streets and building with nice decorations and
lights..and the most famous thing we can see in Ramadan is...

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now lets see some of the decorations we can see it in Ramadan

One of the most amazing things in Ramadan time in Egypt, is that Egypt
almost not sleep.The people stay in streets till the first hours of the new

The people generaly spend the night times on coffee shops and some
 places special made in that period called " tents "

And one of the most nice habits you can see at that month, is that the
people used to prepare so big tables full with so much foods, out in the
streets, and any body who can't arrive to his house before the time of
eating, or the poor people, or the travelers on the road, or anybody else,
they go to that tables, and get foods, drinks, sweets...etc.

Also the mosques be so nice , full with prayers..

All the shops also be so decoreted try to show their goods in a nice style..

Now lets see the most famous foods, that people used to eat in Ramadan..


It's considered to be the main plate on the table of Ramadan..
It's so easy to made..
consist of bread dried in oven, then be broken small pieces..after that pour
 the bread in soup of meat or chicken, and after u add the cooked rice for it..
and after u take some garlic cut small and put on fire with some hot oil
and after get brown color take out and add some vinegar to it..
Take that mix and start add over the rice and bread which have been
mixed together befor.

And now we start to see some sweets


"Atayef "

" Dates "

now we see some drinks which we use enough much in ramadan..

" Amar el-din "

" karkadeh "

" Tamr hindi "

Hope you enjoy this informations, and you find it useful..